Our Values

We believe in making the aspirational accessible. We continue the story of every item we sell. We ensure this journey endures and every item we select can be enjoyed with the same warranties and assurances as the day it was originally sold, at the same time as being an investment for the future.

"How the customer is treated is of the utmost importance to me. I dislike the typical pushy sales environment associated with our industry and believe in offering our clients a friendly and honest experience."

Xupes founder and CEO, Joseph McKenzie

Strong and Beautiful

The way we communicate with our customers is very important to us. From our Photography through to our packaging we make sure attention to detail is maintained and never neglected - You might call us uncompromising in our pursuit of perfection. We respect craftsmanship and appreciate beauty, relishing in the excitement of our customers to continue the stories of the items we temporarily curate.

Bespoke and Personal

We understand that every customer is different. Our products are often chosen as a reflection of personality and taste, so we do everything we can to cater to each individual's needs. We are warm and attentive, never obnoxious. We don’t believe in a "hard sell” preferring to share our love for the products we sell and engage in conversation. We know that true pleasure comes from excellence in every aspect of service.

Original and Engaging

We like to be different and strive to be individual. Our style is authentic and defined by the passion we have for our products. We realise we need to continue to innovate and change, making sure the products we offer and the way we present them never loses momentum. It is this drive that inspires the creativity that is at our core.

Intellectual and Authoritative

Our authority comes from experience and expertise, something we are proud of within our team. Whilst our tone is often impartial we like to empower opinion and freedom of expression which allows us to remain honest. We never stop learning from our customers and we take time to discern the content of our voice.

Honest and Trustworthy

Trust is earned, not given. We take great pride in what we do, reflected through our customer reviews. The importance of transparency and integrity is ingrained in our ideology. We believe that the truth must always be correctly explained or visually communicated and we take time to ensure this process is executed in the detail we are accustomed to. We think as our clients.

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