Our Values

We understand how a particular watch, handbag or piece of jewellery can seize your attention, fire your imagination. You may have seen it long ago and wondered when, or if, you'd get your opportunity to own it. Perhaps you've set your heart on a true rarity, something only ever made in small numbers or for a limited time. Or maybe you like the idea of owning something with a past, and adding it to your own story. Pre-owned frees you from the vagaries of time, chance and manufacturers' whims, and opens up all kinds of amazing possibilities.

Whether you're treating or rewarding yourself, choosing a gift for a loved one, or you've decided it's time to pass your treasured item on to a fellow connoisseur, we're here to help. At Xupes, we believe there's a perfect moment for everything. Now it's yours.

"Our relationship with you, our customer, is of the utmost importance to me. I have no time for pushy sales environments: I want Xupes to set a new standard for our industry by providing a friendly, knowledgeable, honest and enjoyable experience, every time you come to us, whether online or in store."

Joe McKenzie
Founder and CEO

Strong and Beautiful

We have the pleasure of working with some of the world's most finely-crafted and desirable objects. And we know you love and appreciate them as much as we do. On our website, in our stores, on social media, and in our service and delivery, we go to extraordinary lengths to do justice to these exceptional items and brands. In their beauty, workmanship, prestige and charisma, they are, of course, more than capable of speaking for themselves. Through Xupes, it's our privilege to provide them with a worthy stage.

Bespoke and Personal

A pre-owned watch, handbag, item of jewellery or luxury accessory is a highly considered, deeply personal purchase. That's reflected in our approach to service. Everything we do depends on individual relationships, based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. We give you the time and space to consider, mull things over, visit us online or in store as often as you wish, and call us or use our LiveChat facility to ask as many questions as you want. Because the only thing that truly matters is ensuring we match you with the item that's absolutely right.

Original and Engaging

A big part of the attraction with pre-owned is that every item has its own former life. A watch made 50 years ago tells a story, not just the time; a handbag that's seen some action comes ready-filled with gossip and secrets. At Xupes, we love to share those histories, because they're what make our products special. And by thinking creatively, staying curious and doing things differently, we can offer you a service and experience as unique and enticing as our watches, handbags, jewellery and accessories.

Knowledgeable and Authoritative

We started Xupes out of a lifelong interest in fine watches and other luxury items. If you're new to all this, we'll happily offer whatever information, guidance and insights you want from us; and as an established connoisseur, you'll find plenty of people at Xupes who share your enthusiasm. We know our stuff and we'll always be straight with you. Our advice and opinions are unfailingly honest, impartial and based on solid reasoning, whether you're talking to us about an online or in-store purchase, or discussing a service or repair with the expert team at our in-house servicing centre.

Honest and Trustworthy

Our entire business is based on trust, relationships and integrity. Every item you'll see on our website or in our stores has been carefully curated by our specialists. We carry out detailed background checks to establish the item's provenance, authenticity and ownership history.

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