Xupes is formed at the McKenzie family home in Bishops Stortford where our founders Joe and Frank embark on establishing an online business selling watches, art and antiques. Combining Joe’s passion and vision and Frank’s business experience they set out to offer something unique in an emerging market.


With Joe's entrepreneurial spirit at the helm and a focus on quality and customer experience, Xupes becomes recognised locally as the go to place for pre-owned luxury. A growing need to build a team leads to their expansion at the end of year one into their first premises in Sworders Yard.


A year in development, Xupes and launches its innovative new website xupes.com with a view to developing the brand and establishing a standalone platform from which to expand their range of products.


The watch and art departments continue to grow. With a broadening customer base Joe identifies a niche within jewellery and starts buying items to complement the existing range of watches. 2012 sees the official launch of Jewellery as a new category.


With further team expansion and a need to substantiate operations more efficiently Xupes move to their new headquarters and current home at Wickham Hall in the restored 17th century Wheat Barn.


Xupes continue to diversify their range of products and expertise, launching the handbag department in mid-2015. The department is created and led by Reece Morgan, and utilising his knowledge of the fashion industry, sets out to create what will become one of the UK’s best collections of pre-owned and vintage handbags.


With a growing need for in house workshops to centralise repairs and refurbishment Xupes establishes its own service centre, Xupes Services. Gaining accreditation from Cartier and Omega a few months later affirms the brands dedication to service and quality.


With the opportunity to accelerate growth and develop the depth of stock on offer, Xupes raises £3 million with Downing LLP to fund increased investment in Handbags and Watches, infrastructure, marketing and systems alongside developing a new website to launch in January 2018.

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