Pre-owned Meccaniche Veloci Watches

Meccaniche Veloci (literally, “fast mechanics”) was set up in 2006. While the brand’s brains and headquarters are in Italy, building and assembling is performed on Swiss soil. Meccaniche Veloci is best known for making distinctive watches in the shape of an engine’s piston, with four dials on each face like a vintage racecar’s dashboard. The “Quattro Valvole” watches are its most impressive, each containing four movements and four crowns. Meanwhile, the “Only One” series is made from bits of cars, motorcycles, helicopters and airplanes. Nearly all Meccaniche Veloci watches are thick and large—44 to 48 mm—and lug free.  

We sell used and second hand Meccaniche Veloci watches in excellent condition. Our pre-owned Meccaniche Veloci timepieces are great choices for automotive and horology fans, and also for those looking for something a bit different.

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