Pre-owned Buben & Zorweg Watches

Since 1995, Austrian brand Buben & Zorweg has been specialised in creating “objects of time”. It’s best known for making exclusive watch-winders, clocks and safes. Indeed, in these categories it has shown itself to be at the cutting edge of design and innovation. A few years ago, Buben & Zorweg collaborated with renowned watchmaker Martin Braun to produce a collection of limited edition wristwatches, namely, the One Perpetual Calendar. The watch, a particularly high-end watch lover’s luxury timepiece, is an example of Buben & Zorweg’s commitment to technically advanced engineering. Only 250 were made.  

Pre-owned and second hand Buben & Zorweg watches, watch-winders, clocks and safes are usually as immaculate as their first hand counterparts and rarely dip in value. We jump at the chance to snap up used Buben & Zorweb pieces and offer the finest examples at competitive prices.

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